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Cut Rubber Strip

Manufactured and cut to virtually any width and thickness from most solid rubber materials.

Looking for an off-the-shelf product? View our extensive range of stocked cut rubber strip available for next working day delivery. 

Cut solid rubber strip is an excellent general purpose rubber product that can be used for most sealing and edging applications. The universal shape of this section makes it suitable for use within most industry sectors including engineering, industrial, fabrication, marine and automotive. It is an ideal material for cushioning two surfaces, such as protecting heavy equipment and using between metal clamps. It can also be used to make rubber hinges or act as a scrapper on the bottom of industrial doors and machinery.

We are able to cut solid rubber to almost any width and thickness from virtually any material that is available in sheet form. This range includes Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone and natural rubber. These materials vary in hardness between 40°sh A to 80°sh A, where 40°sh A is comparable to a pencil eraser and 70°sh A is similar to the hardness of a car tyre. This selection allows you to choose a material that takes into account any environmental, chemical or temperature demands of your project.

With cut rubber strip the width of the section should be wider than the thickness of the material to avoid the sides going trapezoidal during cutting. For instances where your project requires disproportionately thin or thick solid rubber strips, or occasions where you need longer than 5 metre lengths, we are able to extrude rubber in square and rectangular continuous lengths up to 50 metres long.

We also have the option to cut Custom Sponge Rubber Strips from expanded sponge materials for instances where you require a compressible rubber to create a watertight seal.

Should your requirements not be met by one of our off-the-shelf pre-cut sizes, please contact us with your specification for a custom quotation.

Material and Dimensions  

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to cut solid rubber strip to almost any width and thickness in a wide variety of materials. To enable us to look at whether your requirements can be met by a standard or custom product, we require the following information.

A: Height
B: Width
C: Material
D: Number of Metres

Diagram of Solid Rubber Strip with Dimensions

Cutting Solid Rubber Strip

Solid rubber strip can be cut from virtually any material that is available in sheet form. Once we have chosen a material that allows for any environmental, chemical or temperature demands of your project, the process for cutting the strip is completed on one of our industrial cutting machines. The cutting procedure varies depending on the thickness of the rubber, accuracy of the cut and number of metres required.

For small production runs or very thin materials, we usually cut the rubber sheet into strips by hand using a straight edge and sharp bladed knife. This is a quick process that allows for a higher amount of precision to ensure the sheet does not move, flex or crinkle during cutting.

Horizontal slitting machines provide a cost effective solution for large production runs or thick materials which cannot be easily cut by hand. These machines require an operator to feed the rubber sheet through a knife blade which cuts the sheet to the required width. Cutting rubber using one of these machines allows us to cut multiple strips at the same time, whether they are the same of different widths.

We also have the option to cut bespoke gaskets from sheet of solid rubber. Using either our water jet cutting machine or knife cutting machine, we are able to cut complex shapes with excellent precision and accuracy.

It is also possible to extrude rubber strip for projects that require longer than 5 metre lengths or complex profiles.

Material Identification

 Size Requirements



Technical Drawing of Solid Rubber Strip Cut to Requested Size

Cut Rubber Strip

Our CAD facilities allow us to work with you in designing the best sealing solution for your project. If your sealing requirements cannot be met by a standard section and you do not have a sample or technical dimensioned drawing, our Design Engineers can design a custom solution to your requirements.

Data Sheets

Off-The-Shelf Solid Rubber Strip

With an extensive range of standard products, our off-the-shelf solid rubber strip is available in a range of materials pre-cut to a selection of widths and thicknesses. These products are normally immediately available and can be dispatched on next working day couriers. 

Solid Neoprene

Our solid Neoprene strip is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses and is supplied in 5 metre rolls. This general purpose material is around the same hardness as a car tyre and has a good resistance to most substances. 

Solid Neoprene Sheet 

Solid Neoprene can also be supplied in large lengths for cutting custom sized gaskets and uneven width strip. These sheets are supplied by the linear metre in 1.4m wide sheets. 

Solid Nitrile Rubber Sheet 

We are able to supply solid Nitrile sheet for use around oils and fuels. These sheets are supplied in two sizes and can be easily cut during installation using a sharp knife. 

Solid Silicone Rubber Strip 

Our white solid Silicone strip is an ideal material for high temperature environments. This product is slightly softer than Neoprene and should be bonded in place with Silicone sealants.

Natural Rubber Strip

Natural rubber strip, also known as porthole rubber strip, is pre-cut into a selection of widths and thicknesses designed to fit different channel sizes. This product is supplied in either 1 metre or 2 metre lengths.

Other Custom Seals and Products

Custom rubber seals can be cut or extruded in virtually any shape in most rubber compounds. Different profiles are suitable for different applications and selecting the correct shape, material and hardness is essential to ensure a long term sealing solution. Visit our  Custom Rubber Seal directory to view our range of made-to-order extrusion shapes, gaskets and custom products.

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With over 50 years’ experience within the rubber sealing industry, our team has extensive experience in identifying the best rubber seals, trims, and gaskets for our customers. We are able to work with you to find the best rubber sealing solution for your project.

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