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Automotive Seals & Trims

Rubber seals are used extensively within the automotive industry for sealing doors, boots, bonnets and windows. Over time these seals can be attacked by the environment or damaged so should be replaced to keep your vehicle weathertight. There is no way of rejuvenating rubber once it has deteriorated so replacing the profile with a similar section is often the only solution. Seals Direct specialise in the supply of rubber seals and trims for vintage cars, classic cars, kit cars, customs and some modern day vehicles.

Our seals and trims are typically used on vehicles such as Jaguars, Morris Minors, MGs, Land Rovers, Triumphs and Minis. However, we have also supplied seals for use on modern vehicles, such as Ford and VW, which use generic sealing profiles.

Common Automotive Seals & Trims

Door Seals

Vehicle doors are fitted with a rubber seal to stop water ingress. These seals are usually either clip on edge trims with side seals or stick on sponge sections. We stock an extensive range of shapes and sizes suitable for most older vehicles.

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Boot and Bonnet Seals

The seal around your boot or bonnet are designed to stop water entering your vehicle and damaging the interior. Car boots and bonnets are normally fitted with clip on edge trims with top seals or stick on sponge sections. Our large range of profiles will allow you to find a suitable replacement for your existing seal.

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Window Seals

The windows of some vintage and classic cars use Claytonrite window rubbers or S shaped rubbers. We stock one of the largest ranges of window rubbers suitable for these vehicles.

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Plastic Wing Piping

Plastic wing piping is used between the wing and body on older vehicles to create a neat sealed joint. Our plastic wing piping is available in several different sizes suitable for most applications.

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Our trims are designed to fit the most common vintage cars, classic cars and kit cars. Our general profiles can be used as suitable replacements on vehicles where the existing profile is a similar shape and size.

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Running Board Tread

These sections clip into the running board or channel and provide grip and decorative appearance. Our selection of treads allows you to find a product suitable for your channel.

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Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives and sealants are often used in the automotive industry to bond two surfaces, secure sections into channels or make flexible joints. We offer a wide range of adhesives and sealants depending on the required application and materials to be bonded. 

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All of our products are manufactured using high quality raw material compounds to ensure they provide a long lasting sealing solution. The majority of our seals for use in the automotive industry are manufactured using either sponge or solid EPDM. EPDM offers good UV stability and resistance to weathering whilst providing a neat sealing solution for instances where the product will be visible.

Custom Automotive Seals & Trims

We offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service if your sealing requirements cannot be met by one of our standard products. Our 3D CAD facilities allow us to work directly with Design Engineers to identify the best sealing solution for your project. We are able to reverse engineer your existing seal and extrude an exact replica in a variety of materials, colours and hardnesses. Minimum production runs are as low as 30 metres depending on the required material and construction.

Seals Direct are also a leading supplier of bespoke mouldings and gaskets. Depending on the seal and application our rubber mouldings are manufactured using either compression or injection moulding in a variety of materials and hardnesses. We are able to stamp bespoke gaskets from both sponge and solid materials from one off to large production runs.