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Rubber Edge Trims & Seals

Rubber edge trims and seals are commonly used to protect edges on panels, doors and glass. Manufactured from solid rubber with a self-gripping spine, these products contain a metal ribcage that allows the seal to hold itself firmly in place without the need for additional adhesive or mechanical fixings. Rubber edge trims can also be supplied with a sponge sealing bulb located on either the top or side of the clip. This sealing bulb is manufactured from a closed-cell sponge rubber and creates a watertight seal when compressed.

To identify the best replacement product, you will need to determine the type of rubber edge trim you require. The required position of the sponge sealing bulb can be established by assessing the angle in which the lid or door closes against the section. You will also need to measure the thickness of the panel that the seal will be clipped over and decide on a suitable sealing bulb diameter size.

We recommend compressing most sponge seals by approximately 30%. This allows you to create a reliable watertight seal but also reduces the chance of damaging the section with excessive compression and force. 

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All of our seals and trims are universal and have many applications. They do not have to be used for their exact application as specified.
Rubber Edge Trims

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Rubber Edge Trims