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White Filler Strip For Claytonrite Glazing Window Rubber ( FS74 )

White Filler Strip For Claytonrite Glazing Window Rubber

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£ 1.65

Per Metre (ex VAT)

Available by the metre. 10% discount on 30+ metres

Colour: White Coil Length: 30m
FS74 Drawing

When replacing your window rubber it is recommended that you replace the filler strip to ensure every part of your window is watertight. The filler strip is fitted into the Claytonrite glazing window rubber to apply compression onto the glass and panel and hold the rubber in place.

This white filler strip fits the majority of window rubbers with the exception of very small or very large glazing gaskets. It fits all of the window rubbers available on our website (excluding WR1307, WR71, WR775, CS787, CS788 and CS789).

We recommend using a glazing tool (GT75) to help fit the filler strip into the window rubber. This product is available from our website.


Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
Material Data Sheet
Material Data Sheet