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Glazing Tool For Claytonrite Window Rubber Seals (GT75)

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Glazing Tool For Claytonrite Window Rubber Seals

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GT75 Drawing

Our glazing tool is used to fit filler strips into Claytonrite window rubbers. This tool enables you to easily fit most standard sized filler strips into the centre of the glazing gasket without the risk of damaging the seal or yourself with other tools.

When you are ready to fit the filler strip into the window rubber, pour a small amount of diluted washing up liquid into the filler strip channel. Starting at the middle of the window rubber, insert the glazing tool into the groove and place the filler strip into the loop of the tool. Run the tool around the groove following the length of the filler strip.

This glazing tool can be used with most standard sized filler strips, including FS72, FS73 and FS74. You will require the GT3243 tip set (sold separately) for the smaller FS1266 or larger FS3077 filler strips.


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