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Custom Rubber U Channels

Manufactured to order from sponge and solid materials in a selection of sizes, colours and hardnesses.

Looking for an off-the-shelf product? View our extensive range of rubber U channels available for next working day delivery. 

We can manufacture custom rubber U channels with either a rounded or square bottom to suit different panel thicknesses. The simplistic shape of this profile allows these sections to be used within any industry sector for projects that require edge protection or window sealing. We normally manufacture U shaped rubber seals in solid materials, such as EPDM, Silicone, and PVC, but can also manufacture bespoke profiles in sponge materials including expanded Neoprene and expanded Silicone.

Rounded U channels are commonly used for protecting edges on panels, doors and glass. They have a curved edge which creates a visually aesthetic edging solution for instances where the product will be visible. We can also manufacture bespoke square U channels with a flat bottom. These profiles can also be used for edge protection but are more commonly fitted into plastic and Aluminium channels to seal fixed pane windows. Neither of these products are reinforced so will need to be bonded onto the panel edge or into the channel.

These seals can be made to order in different sizes with different panel gaps and wall thicknesses. Please contact us with your specifications.

Material and Dimensions

Rubber U channels can be manufactured with a rounded or square bottom to suit your projects requirements. To enable us to look at standard or custom products, we require the following information.

A: Height
B: Width
C: Wall Thickness
D: Rounded or Square
E: Material
F: Hardness or Density
G: Number of Metres

Custom Rubber U Channel with Square Bottom
Custom Rubber U Channel with Dimensions

Our Custom Rubber Seal Manufacturing Process 

We work with a large range of rubber and plastic compounds including EPDM, Natural rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone and PVC, many of which are available in either sponge or solid forms. This selection allows us to extrude a profile taking into account any environmental, chemical or temperature demands.

The manufacturing process starts with our specialist toolmakers who turn your sample or technical dimensioned drawing into a tool that can be used to extrude an exact replica of your rubber seal. This extrusion process uses temperature and pressure to push your chosen rubber compound through the tool to extrude the required shape. The extruded seal is then cured using heat to vulcanise and harden the extrusion.

Although the majority of rubber seals are manufactured using a very similar procedure, we understand that your sealing solution may require additional non-standard processes. This could include joining, applying self-adhesive backing, or cutting to desired lengths. Whilst it is possible to do this on-site after production, it is often preferable to do this at the time of manufacture to increase the speed and ease of installation of the final product.

Manufacturing a custom rubber seal can be completed at a relatively low cost with production runs requiring as little as 30 metres. For large production quantities, we have the option of manufacturing sample lengths before going to bulk production. This allows you to look at the finished product and test how it performs. The process of moving from concept to delivery can normally be fulfilled within two to three weeks, depending on the material and complexity of the profile.

Sample or Concept

Technical Drawing



Custom Square U Channel Drawing

Seal Design Service

Our CAD facilities allow us to work with you in designing the best sealing solution for your project. If your sealing requirements cannot be met by a standard section and you do not have a sample or technical dimensioned drawing, our Design Engineers can design a custom solution to your requirements.

Data Sheets

Standard Rubber U Channels

With over 700 stocked products, our off-the-shelf rubber U channels are available in a range of materials and sizes. We stock an extensive range of rounded U channels and square U channels designed for edge protection or window sealing applications. These products are normally immediately available and can be dispatched the same day on a next working day courier.

Rounded Rubber U Channels 

Our rounded rubber U channels are available in a range of sizes to fit different panel thicknesses. They have a rounded edge and are used for protecting edges on panels, doors, and glass.  

Square Rubber U Channels 

Square U channels are used for protecting edges but are also commonly used to seal windows in Aluminium frames. They are available in a selection of sizes designed to fit different panel or glass thicknesses.

Sponge Rubber U Channels

We also stock a selection of sponge U channels manufactured from closed cell materials that do not absorb water. They are suitable for various applications, such as making watertight seals or edge protection.

Other Custom Rubber Seals

Custom rubber seals can be extruded in virtually any shape in most rubber compounds. Different profiles are suitable for different applications and selecting the correct shape, material and hardness is essential to ensure a long term sealing solution. Visit our  Custom Rubber Seal directory to view our range of made-to-order extrusion shapes, gaskets and custom products.

Contact Us With Your Requirements

With over 50 years’ experience within the rubber sealing industry, our team has extensive experience in identifying the best rubber seals, trims, and gaskets for our customers. We are able to work with you to find the best rubber sealing solution for your project.

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