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Measuring The Gap For Wedge Gaskets

Wedge gaskets apply compression against the glass to hold the window firmly in place. They are designed to be inserted between the glass and frame and are commonly found in double glazed units in residential and commercial buildings. They can also be used in Aluminium window frames where it is not possible to use a square U channel due to tight bend radiuses.

Replacement wedge gaskets can be identified by the size of the gap that they will push into. For example, our WS2268 is designed for a 3mm gap. To identify the best replacement you will need to measure the gap where the seal will be fitted (ie, the gap between the glass and frame).

Measuring Wedge Gasket

There are several different ways of taking this measurement. The first option is to remove the existing wedge gasket from one side of the window frame. Using a ruler you can then measure the gap between the glass and frame. Whilst this is normally very accurate, you should ensure that your ruler does not have space before the start of the first measurement as this will give you an inaccurate reading.

If you are able to disassemble your window frame, you may find it easier to measure the internal width of the channel and thickness of the glass. Once you have these to measurements, you can calculate the size of the gap either side of the glass between the glass and frame. For example, if the internal width of your channel measures 10mm and the thickness of your glass is 4mm there is a 3mm gap either side of the glass.

We offer eight standard sizes of wedge gaskets which should fit the majority of window frames. All of these seals can be purchased by the metre from our Wedge Gasket product category.


To Fit a 2mm


To Fit a 2mm to 3mm Gap


To Fit a 3mm Gap


To Fit a 4mm Gap


To Fit a 5mm Gap


To Fit a 6mm Gap


To Fit a 7mm Gap


To Fit a 8mm Gap

Depending on the size of the channel and thickness of your glass, you may only have space for one wedge gasket on one side of the window. The other side of the glass can be cushioned against the side of the frame using a piece of sponge expanded neoprene.

Once you have purchased a replacement wedge gasket, fitting the seal into your frame is a relatively easy process. Remove the existing seal and simply push the new gasket into the gap either side of the window using your fingers. If you are refurbishing the entire aluminium window frame, we recommend resting the glass on a piece of expanded neoprene. This process is detailed in our ‘Replacing Seals in Fixed Aluminium Frames’ guide.

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