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Glazing Wedge Gasket Seal - To Fit 2.5mm to 3mm Gap (WS1580)

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Glazing Wedge Gasket Seal - To Fit 2.5mm to 3mm Gap

£ 3.60 3.6 GBP £ 3.60

£ 3.60

Per Metre (ex VAT)

Available by the metre. Volume discount available (see description).

Fits 2.5mm to 3mm Gap Coil Length: 250m
WS1580 Drawing

Volume Discount
10% off 10+ metres
20% off 20+ metres
30% off 30+ metres
40% off 250 metres

Over time the seals around your windows become less effective at keeping drafts and water out your home. This wedge gasket fits a 2.5mm to 3mm gap. It is designed to be inserted between the glass and frame to apply compression against the window and create a watertight seal by holding the window tightly in place. This product can be used in either aluminium glazing or uPVC glazing systems. 

Wedge gaskets can be easily installed by simply pushing the gasket into the gap using your fingers. 

To ensure that you purchase the correct sized wedge gasket, we recommend that you carefully measure the gap where this seal will need to be fitted. Alternatively, you can measure the internal width of the channel and deduct the thickness of the glass. Dividing this measurement by two will give you the size of the gap either side of the glass pane. Take a look at our Wedge Gaskets for other sizes.

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