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Square U Channel - 25mm Panel x 27mm Height x 3mm Thickness x 3m (US1138)

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Square U Channel - 25mm Panel x 27mm Height x 3mm Thickness x 3m

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Panel Gap: 25mm Height: 27mm Thickness: 3mm Length: 3m
US1138 Drawing

This square U channel is designed to fit onto a 25mm panel edge. It is 27mm high x 31mm wide and has a wall thickness of 3mm. This U channel has a square top and can be used for protecting edges on metal, wooden, plastic or fibreglass panels. This seal is also commonly used to make a seal around glass in Aluminium window channels.

We manufacture this product from high quality EPDM which is a rubber compound suitable for a wide range of every day and industrial applications. This material has a good modular resistance to most substances including most chemicals, UV, air and ozone but is not recommended in environments which may come into contact with oil or fuel. EPDM is around the same hardness (70° Shore A) as the rubber on a car tyre and has an operating temperature range between -40°C to +120°C.

This U channel is not self- gripping but can be bonded onto your edge or into the channel to hold itself in place. We recommend using either S136 (Polyurethane) or S137 (white Silicone) or S138 (clear Silicone). These are all available from our website.