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Solid Silicone Rubber Strip 25mm x 5mm x 5m (SIL3234)

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Solid Silicone Rubber Strip 25mm x 5mm x 5m

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£ 58.20

Per 5m Roll (ex VAT)
Solid Silicone Width: 25mm Thickness: 5mm Roll Length: 5m
SIL3234 Drawing

This Solid Silicone Rubber Strip is 25mm wide by 5mm thick and supplied in a 5 metre roll. This white flexible rubber strip is an ideal material for sealing and edging applications, especially in environments subject to very low or high temperatures. Solid Silicone can be easily cut with a sharp knife so can be used to make custom sized gaskets.

This material can be bonded to most clean and grease free surfaces using a good quality silicone sealant such as our S137 or S138 (available from our website).

We manufacture this product from high quality solid Silicone which is a firm but flexible material suitable for a wide range of everyday and industrial applications. This material has an excellent resistance to water but is not recommended in environments which may come into contact with oil or fuel. Silicone has an operating temperature range between -50°C to +200°C so is ideal for environments that experience very low or very high temperatures. It is around the same hardness (55°- 65° Shore A) as the rubber on a car tyre.

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