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Timber Foam Bubble Seals

Schlegel Q-Lon foam bubble seals are designed to be used as replacement seals in timber frames on casement and sash windows and doors. Manufactured from high-quality Polyurethane foam, seals within the Q-Lon range will not shrink or stretch and offer excellent memory so return to their original shape after compression. They create an air and watertight seal when the window or door is closed.

Over time the seals around your windows and doors compress, perish and become less effective so need to be replaced. Replacing these seals is essential for preventing damage to your home, saving you money and keeping you warm and comfortable.

Foam bubble seals are fitted into a self-adhesive carrier (sold separately) or slot/rebate in the window or door frame. They can be easily cut to the correct length with a pair of scissors.

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Schlegel Q-Lon White Foam Bubble Seal (QL48650)

Colour: White
Fits 4.8mm Carrier
Seals 1.5 to 3mm Gap
Coil Length: 50m
£ 4.80 £ 4.80 4.8 GBP
Per Metre


Schlegel Q-Lon Black Foam Bubble Seal (QL48650)

Colour: Black
Fits 4.8mm Carrier
Seals 1.5 to 3mm Gap
Coil Length: 50m
£ 4.80 £ 4.80 4.8 GBP
Per Metre


Self Adhesive Carrier (2.2m Length)

Colour: White
Length: 2.2m
£ 6.20 £ 6.20 6.2 GBP
Per 2.2m Length

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Lon is a type of weatherstripping commonly used in doors and windows to provide an effective seal against air, noise and weather elements. The key characteristics of Q-Lon include:

Material: Q-Lon weatherstrips are manufactured with a polyurethane foam core, which is highly resilient and durable, combined with a polyethylene outer skin. These sections also contain a polypropylene base insert to provide rigidity. This combination provides excellent compression and recovery properties allowing for repeated compression with confidence that the profile will return to its original shape.

Durability and Performance: Q-Lon seals are known for their long-lasting performance. They are resistant to weather, moisture, temperature variations and UV light. This makes them suitable for a wide range of climates and conditions. Their durability ensures that they do not degrade, crack or wear out quickly, providing a consistent and reliable seal for an extended period.

Energy Efficiency: Due to their excellent sealing capabilities, Q-Lon weatherstrips are effective in reducing air infiltration and improving energy efficiency in buildings. By sealing gaps around doors and windows, they help to maintain indoor temperature, reduce energy costs and increase overall comfort.

Noise Reduction: Q-Lon seals also offer good acoustic properties, helping to reduce noise transmission through gaps in doors and windows, which contributes to a quieter indoor environment.

When tested in accordance with the requirements given in BS En 12365-1, the Schlegel Q-Lon foam bubble seal has the following classification;

Category of Use: W
Working Range: 2
Linear Compression Force: 5
Working Temperature Range: 2
Deflection Recovery: 5
Recovery After Aging: 6

Schlegel Q-Lon foam bubble seals can either be inserted into a groove in your frame or a self-adhesive carrier. Start by removing any debris or dirt in the groove where you intend on inserting the weatherstripping. You need to ensure that it is clean, dry and free from any surface oils. Cut the seal to the required length and gently slide it into the carrier or groove in your frame. It may be necessary to secure the seal in the channel with a small amount of superglue.

Deciding on the best replacement foam weatherstripping for your window or door may seem like a complicated task. Although this weatherseal may not seem like the most important part of your window or door, it is essential for reducing draughts, water ingress and keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Our extensive range of foam weatherstripping allows you to choose a replacement section that fits the gap you are looking to fill. All of these products are manufactured from a high-quality Polyurethane and Polypropylene and have been specifically designed for residential and commercial windows and doors.

For further information or technical support with choosing the best replacement section for your home, you can get in touch with our knowledgeable team. If you would prefer, you are welcome to send us a sample of your existing section for identification. We can use this to help you identify a suitable replacement.