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Watertight Door & Hatch Packing Combination Seal - 57mm x 32mm x 10m (WDHS3750)

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Watertight Door & Hatch Packing Combination Seal - 57mm x 32mm x 10m

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£ 378.45

Per 10m Coil (ex VAT)

Available in 10 metre coils. 10% discount on 3+ coils

Natural Rubber Width: 57mm Height: 32mm Coil Length: 10m
WDHS3750 Drawing

This watertight door and hatch seal is 57mm by 32mm and supplied in a 10m coil. Watertight door and hatch seals are used in heavy duty watertight doors, hatches and skylights with multiple latching points. They are used on large ships and marine going vessels such as cruise ships, oil tankers and Naval ships.

This seal is comprised of a solid outer natural rubber on three sides with a cellular expanded natural rubber sponge core bonded to the solid rubber faces. The solid outer rubber strengthens the seal whilst the internal cellular sponge offers great recovery from compression and creates a water tight seal. The two bottom corners are chamfered to enable the seal to securely fit into the channel allowing for welds in the channel itself.

Natural rubber is abrasion and tear resistant, resilient, and has a high tensile strength. This material is excellent for creating a watertight seal for heavy duty doors and hatches but is not recommended for environments which may come into contact with chemicals, oil or fuel. The optimum operating temperature range for this product is between -20°C to +70°C.