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Schlegel Aquamac 63 Bronze Foam P Seal (QL3005) (TFS3247)

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Schlegel Aquamac 63 Bronze Foam P Seal (QL3005)

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£ 6.00

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Available by the metre. 60% discount on 50+ metres

Colour: Bronze Fits 3mm x 6mm Groove Seals 3.4 to 5.4mm Gap Coil Length: 50m
TFS3247 Drawing

Over time the seals around your windows and doors compress, perish and become less effective. Replacing these seals helps prevent damage to your home by minimising drafts and water ingress. This foam P seal is designed to be used as a replacement seal in your timber frame on doors and casement and sash windows.

This product pushes into a 3mm wide by 6mm deep groove in your frame. It seals gaps between 3.4mm to 5.4mm when the window or door is closed helping keep your home air and watertight.

We manufacture this product from high quality Polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is a hardwearing material with excellent insulation and acoustic properties which is not affected by mould, mildew, rot or fungi. This material allows the seal to recover and return to its original shape after compression without the risk of compression set. There is a Polyurethane insert within the base of the section to help reduce shrinkage or the product being stretched during installation.

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