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Jaguar E Type Tailgate Sponge Seal - BD23347 (SRS1908)

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Jaguar E Type Tailgate Sponge Seal - BD23347

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Available by the metre. 10% discount on 50+ meters

BD23347 Width: 15mm Height: 18mm Coil Length: 50m
SRS1908 Drawing

This sponge section is 15mm by 18mm and supplied by the linear metre. It is designed to be used as a tailgate seal a Jaguar E Type (BD23347) but is suitable for other automotive or industrial applications. This section has a smooth outside skin so can provide a neat sealing solution for situations where the product will be visible.

It can be bonded onto most clean flat surfaces such as metal, wood and plastic. We recommend using a good quality contact adhesive such as S136 or A262 (available from our website).

We manufacture this product from high quality Expanded Neoprene which is a non-marking compressible material suitable for a wide range of every day and industrial applications. This closed cell sponge does not absorb water. When compressed to approximately 30%, this section will create a good long-term watertight seal without risk of compression set. This material has a good modular resistance to most substances including UV, air and ozone. Expanded Neoprene has a density of 130Kg/m3 and an operating temperature range between -40°C to +100°C.

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