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White Plugging PVC Cord - 8mm Diameter (3m Length) (SCW1257)

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White Plugging PVC Cord - 8mm Diameter (3m Length)

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£ 21.45

Per 3m Length (ex VAT)
PVC Diameter: 8mm Colour: White Length: 3m
SCW1257 Drawing

This White PVC Plugging Cord is 8mm diameter and supplied in 3 metre lengths. This white flexible PVC cord is an ideal material for making O rings, port light seals and other custom sized gaskets. It can also be used for plugging drill holes in white PVC D fenders.

The ends can be joined together using good quality superglue such as our A3288 (available from our website).

We manufacture this product from high quality PVC which is a compound suitable for a wide range of every day and industrial applications. This material has a good resistance to most substances including most chemicals, oil, fuel, UV, air and ozone. This product is around the same hardness (67° Shore A) as the rubber on a car tyre and has an operating temperature range between -20°C to +60°C.


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