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Opening, Closing or Sliding Window Seal (OWS782)

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Opening, Closing or Sliding Window Seal

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£ 5.60

Per Metre (ex VAT)

Available by the metre. 10% discount on 30+ metres

Diameter: 3mm Tail Length: 16mm Coil Length: 30m
OWS782 Drawing

Over time the seals around your windows deteriorate and become less effective resulting in water ingress. This rubber section is 19mm long with a 3mm diameter bead and sold by the linear metre. It is designed for sliding and fixed windows where you need a vertical seal between the two window panes. The 3mm diameter bead slides into a channel in the vertical bar acting as a seal when the sliding window is opened.

This seal is commonly used in opening windows in the automotive, marine and industrial industries.

We manufacture this product from high quality EPDM which is a rubber compound suitable for a wide range of everyday and industrial applications. This material has a good modular resistance to most substances including most chemicals, UV, air and ozone but is not recommended in environments which may come into contact with oil or fuel. EPDM is around the same hardness (70° Shore A) as the rubber on a car tyre and has an operating temperature range between -40°C to +120°C.

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