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White Expanded SIL16 Silicone Cord (Skinned) - 3mm Diameter (ESC4234)

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White Expanded SIL16 Silicone Cord (Skinned) - 3mm Diameter

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Available by the metre. 10% discount on 25+ meters

Expanded Silicone Diameter: 3mm Colour: White Coil Length: 25m
ESC4234 Drawing

This Expanded Silicone Cord is 3mm diameter and supplied by the linear metre. This closed cell sponge material does not absorb water so is suitable for making a watertight seal on hatches, lockers, enclosures, and cabinets in the marine, automotive and industrial industries. Expanded Silicone is perfect for environments subjected to extreme temperatures.

We manufacture this product from high quality Expanded Silicone which is a non-marking compressible material. When compressed to approximately 30%, Expanded Silicone will create a good long-term watertight seal without risk of compression set. This material has an excellent resistance to water but is not recommended in environments which may come into contact with oil or fuel. Expanded Silicone has an operating temperature range between -60°C to +200°C so is ideal for environments that experience very low or very high temperatures. It is around the same density (256Kg/m3) as wetsuit material.

Expanded Silicone can be bonded onto most clean flat surfaces using a good quality silicone sealant such as our S137 or S138 (available from our website).


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