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Edge Trims & Seals (Plastic POM Reinforced)

Plastic reinforced edge trims contain a plastic spine that allows the section to grip onto the edge of a panel without the need for adhesive, screws or other fixings. They can be used to create seals on doors, hatches, lockers, enclosures and cabinets. The plastic spine is advantageous in some applications due to its non-conductive and non-rusting properties. It is also more flexible and lighter than similar sized steel reinforced trims.

These seals are available in a range of sizes depending on the thickness of the panel they will be fitted to and the required sponge sealing bulb size. We recommend compressing the sponge sealing bulb by approximately 30%. For example, if you have a 10mm gap we recommend using a sponge sealing bulb approximately 15mm diameter. When compressed this will create a good watertight seal and avoid compression set.

All Edge Trims & Seals


Self Grip Plastic Reinforced Edge Trim - To Fit 1mm to 4mm Panel Thickness

Panel: 1mm to 4mm
Coil Length: 50m
£ 3.80 £ 3.80 3.8000000000000003 GBP
Per Metre


Self Grip Plastic Reinforced Side Seal, 15mm Diameter Bulb, To Fit 1.5-4mm Panel

Panel: 1.5-4mm
Diameter: 15mm
Coil Length: 50m
£ 441.00 £ 441.00 441.0 GBP
Per 50m Coil