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Equine Rubber Mats

Our high quality rubber mats are manufactured from a new pure rubber blend specially designed for the equine industry. They feature an anti-slip cobblestone top surface and wide ribbed groove pattern on the underside to facilitate drainage. The hard wearing surface of our mats has been developed for over 20 years to deliver excellent non-slip properties as well as allowing easy cleaning. They are heavyweight to prevent the mats moving and the payback is generally accepted at being less than 12 months. The use of rubber mats in stables has many advantages. Capped hocks and elbows are reduced significantly as there is no contact with the concrete floor. They also reduce the tendency for the horse to slip or become cast. The reduction or removal of bedding and associated dust and spores will aid respiratory problems and also save time on mucking out. Because the mats are made of a solid construction they themselves cannot act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

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Rubber Floor Mat - 17mm x 1.828m x 1.22m

Thickness: 17mm
Width: 1.828m
Length: 1.22m
£ 99.60 £ 99.60 99.60000000000001 GBP