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Rubber Edge trim for Glass

If you're looking for a solution for protecting the edge of a sheet of glass, rubber edge trim could be the answer.

Rubber trims are affordable, simple to install, highly durable, and effective at protecting edges. These versatile products can be applied to the edges of all materials, including steel, wood, and glass.

Here at Seals Direct, we stock a huge variety of different trims for glass. In this article, we'll explain more about what rubber edge trims are and how and why they are applied to glass edges.

Types and varieties of rubber edge trim

If you're searching for trim for glass edge, there's certainly no shortage of choice!

Standard glass edge trims come in a variety of colours and sizes. These are great when you simply need to protect the material from damage and those handling it from harm.

If the piece of glass forms part of a window, door, hatch, or anything else that would benefit from sealing, then there is also a wide range of rubber edge trims with seals, including top, side, and lip seals. These are ideal for sealing glass windows and doors from the ingress of water, air, or debris.

Advantages of using rubber edge trim for glass

Applying rubber trim to glass edges effectively solves several common problems by giving the glass a smooth and safe finish. Some advantages of using rubber trim for glass edges include:

Protects against damage  Rubber edge trim for glass is usually made from highly durable and flexible PVC or EPDM. These materials absorb impact without losing their shape, allowing them to protect glass edges from damage.

Health and safety — Glass edges can be extremely sharp and pose a potential health hazard to anyone handling them. Covering edges with rubber trim helps organisations meet industry health and safety standards and regulations and protect their workforce from cuts and abrasions.

Professional finish  Glass edges look unfinished when left bare. A rubber edge trim for glass provides a smooth and attractive finish, 

Seal windows, doors, and hatches  If the glass sheet is a pane for a window, door, or hatch, then a rubber edge trim with a seal may be the most suitable option. This type of trim can create a secure seal when applied to glass doors, windows, or hatches, preventing water, air, or debris ingress.

How to install rubber edge trim for glass

Trims for glass are quick and simple to install. Edge trims are manufactured with a self-gripping spine, which securely holds the trim in place without any adhesive. This also means they can easily be removed and reused multiple times! To install a rubber edge trim, you simply need to measure carefully, trim the edging to size, ensure the glass is clean, dry, and free from debris, and then gently tap the edge trim into place using the palm of your hand or a soft-faced hammer.

Rubber trim for glass from Seals Direct

If you're looking for rubber edge trim for glass, our team here at Seals Direct can help you find the right product for your requirements. We are a leading supplier of rubber seals and trims in the UK, with an inventory of over 760 products! And if we can't solve your problem using one of those? Then we can design and manufacture a bespoke solution for you! Contact our team today by calling 01425 617722 for help or advice with selecting the right product to meet your requirements.

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