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Replacing Seals on an Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

Oven cleaning dip tanks are specialised pieces of equipment used by professional cleaners to deep clean oven parts, such as racks, trays and other removable components. They are typically large insulated tanks filled with a heated cleaning solution, often a degreaser such as caustic. The parts to be cleaned are immersed in the tank, allowing the solution to break down tough grease, carbon deposits and burnt-on residues. The soaking process loosens the grime and makes it easier to remove with minimal scrubbing. This method is efficient and helps maintain the longevity and performance of oven parts.

These stainless steel tanks are fitted with a rubber seal that creates a reliable watertight seal between the lid and main container. As dip tanks are often fitted into the back of a mobile service vehicle, this seal helps reduce the chance of liquid spilling from the tank when the vehicle is in motion. These rubber seals should be replaced at regular intervals as degreaser in the tank will react with the rubber and cause it to breakdown and deteriorate.

This technical help guide explains the different types of rubber seal available, depending on the construction of the tank and space available to secure an additional part.

Various Seals for an Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

Type 1: Clip on Edge Trim with Side Seal

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank with Side Seal

Clip on edge trims with side seals are commonly used on enclosures to create a reliable watertight seal. These sections consist of two parts; a metal reinforced clip on edge trim and a sponge sealing bulb located on the side of the trim. The edge trim holds itself onto the edge of the panel without the need for adhesive or mechanical fixings.

These products are available in a range of different sizes depending on the thickness of the panel they will be fitted onto and the required size of the sponge sealing bulb.

When the lid is closed, the sponge sealing bulb will compress and create a seal all the way around the edge of the lid.

Type 2: Clip on Edge Trim with Top Seal

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank with Top Seal

Clip on edge trims with top seals are similar in function to side seals. They consist of sponge sealing bulb located on the top of a self-gripping metal reinforced edge trim. Unlike side seals, top seals can be fitted onto a vertical flange where the lid closes directly down on to the top of the seal.

Top seals are sold in a large range of sizes, depending on the thickness of the panel edge and the gap that you need to seal.

These profiles will create a reliable watertight seal when the sponge sealing bulb is compressed, and minimise the chance of liquid escaping from the tank.

Type 3: Expanded Neoprene

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank with Expanded Neoprene

Sponge seals can be used on enclosures that have a flat surface. They are manufactured from a closed cell sponge so do not absorb water or moisture. Sponge seals are available as either rectangular strips or different shapes and sizes.

These products would need to be bonded onto the edge with a high-quality contact adhesive.

To avoid compression set, we recommend that you do not compress sponge rubber by more than a third. It may be necessary to fabricate ‘stops’ around the edge of the enclosure so ensure that the seal is not over compressed.

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