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How to Clean Caravan and Motorhome Windows Correctly

Wondering what is the best way to clean caravan windows? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about the most effective caravan window cleaner product to keep your motorhome in tip-top condition.

Luckily, our expert team know exactly what it takes to create a crystal clear window finish, helping you to feel not only happier when on holiday, but also safer.

From explaining how to clean caravan windows without scratching the surface to identifying some of the best caravan window cleaner solutions, our knowledgeable team can provide comprehensive answers to all the most frequently-asked caravan window cleaning questions.

What do you clean caravan windows with?

When cleaning caravan windows, it’s important to be prepared with the right cleaning solutions and tools to prevent damaging the exterior of the vehicle. In contrast to most car windows that are made of tempered glass, the windows on caravan and motorhomes are typically made from acrylic and come double glazed. 

A wet microfibre cloth is therefore often the best caravan window cleaning tool to help prevent scratching. Paired with hot soapy water or an appropriate acrylic cleaner, a small amount of pressure with the cloth should be sufficient to budge exterior dirt and grime.

Best caravan window cleaner

While a wet microfibre cloth and hot soapy water is a safe caravan window cleaning option, you may achieve more effective, easier, and impressive cleaning results using a dedicated cleaner. While hot soapy water may be able to dislodge general road grime, it could struggle to remove insects, tree sap, oil, and stubborn grease.

Many specialist cleaning products exist for this purpose including Autoglym Fast Glass, VuPlex Plastic Cleaner and Anti-Static Polish, and Renovo International Plastic Window Polish.

Regardless of which caravan window cleaner seems like the best option for keeping the windows on your caravan or motorhome in sparkling condition, there are some key features you should bear in mind.

First and foremost, you should ensure the solution doesn’t include any abrasives that could contribute to unsightly scratching. Similarly, you should also check that the product doesn’t include waxes or silicones as they have a tendency to leave behind a muddy residue.

If you’re unsure which product is best, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or simply sticking to the safer option of a wet microfibre cloth and hot soapy water!

How to clean caravan windows without scratching

To key to avoiding scratching the windows of your caravan or motorhome is to use only very light pressure and a non-abrasive cloth. For cleaning caravan windows, some popular non-abrasive cloths include microfibre cloths and chamois leather cloths.

If you’re struggling to see results when using one of these cloths, light pressure, and straightforward hot and soapy water, then you may want to consider using a specialist caravan window cleaner to help remove imbedded dirt and grime.

How to clean Perspex caravan windows

Wondering how to clean plastic caravan windows as opposed to acrylic or Perspex windows? Fortunately, acrylic (also known as Polymethyl Methacrylate or PMMA) covers a wide range of materials as the brand Perspex uses this same material.

This material can also be referred to as acrylic glass or plexiglass, but these materials are all plastic and acrylic-based. As a result, while manufacturer care and maintenance guidance may vary slightly, PMMA, plastic, and acrylic all require the same cleaning routine.

Protect your caravan and motorhome windows

While cleaning the windows of your caravan or motorhome is essential to keeping them looking good, paying attention to the condition of the window seals is just as crucial to ensuring they remain in good working order.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to give your motorhome some TLC or the seals around your caravan’s windows are becoming loose, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. 

While door and window seals may not seem like the most important part of your caravan or motorhome, they are crucial when it comes to minimising drafts, reducing water ingress, and fending off unsightly and potentially costly damage to this expensive asset.

Here at Seals Direct, you can find an extensive selection of specially designed caravan and motorhome seals including seals for the vehicle’s windows, doors, battery boxes, hatches, lockers, sinks, awnings, and gutters.

To learn more about how to clean caravan windows, explore our wide range of caravan and motorhome seals and trims, or discuss a technical question with an experienced member of our team, please feel free to reach out today.

You can get in touch by either calling us on 01425 617722 or sending your enquiry via email to sales@sealsplusdirect.co.uk. We hope to hear from you soon!

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