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Crittall & Baco Greenhouse Glazing Seals

In the world of greenhouse construction and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of windows is paramount. Greenhouses, such as those made by Crittall and Baco, are designed to create optimal growing conditions for plants, but they can only do so effectively when every component is functioning correctly.

Glass, while an excellent material for allowing sunlight to penetrate into the greenhouse, is fragile and susceptible to stress and breakage. The metal frames, typically made from aluminium or steel, provide necessary structural support but can be damaging to the glass without proper cushioning. In a greenhouse environment, temperatures can also fluctuate widely and rapidly which may cause the metal frame to expand and contract at a different rate than the glass as it heats and cools. Without a flexible buffer, this disparity can cause the glass to experience stress fractures or breakages.

By fitting a suitable sponge section between the glass and the frame, the risk of glass breakage due to thermal expansion, mechanical stress or impact is significantly reduced. Compressible sponge sections are soft and flexible so provide a cushioning buffer that can accommodate these external and environmental factors.

Crittall greenhouse with sponge rubber seal

Crittall and Baco greenhouses were popular for their renowned quality and durability. As both companies are no longer in business, sourcing replacement parts that fit in the existing aluminium channel can be a challenge. However, a 4mm diameter sponge cord can be used as a suitable replacement that enhances the structural integrity of the greenhouse by reducing the risk of glass breakage. As this product is manufactured from a sponge-like material, it allows for compression, expansion and movement between the glass and frame due to temperature changes or other environmental factors.

Our 4mm diameter sponge cord is available by the metre so can be purchased as a continuous length that suits the size of the greenhouse you are trying to reseal. The section can be easily bent around corners and cut to specific lengths with a pair of scissors.

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