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Caravan & Motorhome Owners’ Clubs

Caravan and motorhome owners’ clubs are communities where enthusiasts and owners can share experiences and information with like-minded individuals. These clubs, often unique to the specific caravan or motorhome manufacturer, serve as a valuable resource for both seasoned travellers and newcomers to the caravan and motorhome world. They are much more than just groups for recreational vehicle enthusiasts. Owners clubs are communities that offer friendship, knowledge, support and a shared love for the freedom and adventure that comes with the caravan and motorhome lifestyle.

Membership in these clubs typically offers a range of benefits. One of the most significant is the sense of community and camaraderie that comes with being part of a group of similar individuals. Members often share tips on vehicle maintenance, the best routes for travel and hidden gems they’ve found whilst on the road. This exchange of information is invaluable, especially in an age where so much travel is reliant on internet reviews and impersonal guides.

Many clubs organise regular meet-ups, rallies and events, providing opportunities for members to gather in different locations around the country. These gatherings can range from informal weekend meetups to large, organized rallies with activities, entertainment and communal meals. Events are not just social gatherings; they also offer practical workshops, demonstrations on the latest equipment and advice from industry experts.

Another key benefit of joining these clubs is the access to exclusive discounts and offers. Many clubs negotiate deals with campgrounds, equipment suppliers and service providers, passing on savings to their members. This aspect can make caravan or motorhome ownership more affordable and enjoyable.

For new owners, these clubs can be a lifeline. They offer a support network where novice travellers can learn from experienced members. The clubs often have mentoring or buddy systems, pairing new members with veterans who can offer advice on everything from driving techniques to the best ways to conserve water and energy while on the road.

Caravan & Motorhome Owners' Club Directory

Seals Direct have assembled a complete directory of the clubs for the most common caravan and motorhome manufacturers. This directory aims to provide a brief overview of each members club, the number of current members, the annual membership fee and information on how to join.

Abbey Caravan Club

The Abbey Caravan Club, founded in 1970, is open to everyone no matter the make or age of their caravan or motorhome. This club aims to gather friends at weekend rallies around the country, escaping the pressure of life to take part in communal activities around different tourist destinations. Most weekend rallies are attended by an average of 15 to 25 families.

Cost: £20 per year
How to Join: Post the printable form to the Membership Secretary
Website: www.abbey-caravan-club.co.uk

Adria Owners Club UK

The Adria Owners Club UK was established in 2006 as a central point for owners of Adria and Sun Living caravans and motorhomes. Club Adria has a diverse group of members who regularly meet at rallies to share information and stories. They aim to centre their rallies around different areas of the country with the objective of choosing a location with lots to do and see.

Number of Members: 1100
Cost: £20 per year (plus a one-off £5 joining fee for new members)
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.clubadria.co.uk

Adria Owners Club UK Website Screenshot

Auto-Sleeper Owners Club

The Auto-Sleeper Owners Club, founded in 1988, is officially supported by the Auto-Sleepers Group and runs events across the UK and Europe. The club is open to current owners of any Auto-Sleeper motorhome. The paid members’ area includes access to auto-sleep manuals, idea sheets and exclusive members discount. Members of this owners club also have access to a quarterly magazine.

Number of Members: 900
Cost: £20 per year
How to Join: Email membershipsec@asoc.uk
Website: www.asoc.uk.com

Auto-Sleeper Owners Club Website Screenshot

Auto-Trail Owners Club

The Auto-Trail Owners Club was founded in 1993 by a group of Auto-Trail owners that attended the Motor Caravan Show. The club organises over 50 rallies per year around the UK and Europe. The objective is to enable members to meet like-minded Auto-Trail and Tribute motorhome owners. Most rallies take place on commercial sites as well as sports grounds, school fields and other tourist attractions. They also rally on a year basis at most Warner’s Motorhome shows.

Number of Members: 200
Cost: £20 per year (plus a one-off £2 joining fee for new members)
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.atocuk.com

Auto-Trail Owners Club Website Screenshot

Bailey Owners Club

Founded in 1970, Bailey Owners Club is one of the oldest motorhome owners clubs and organises rallies across the UK and Europe. This includes short day or weekend breaks, as well as longer trips at popular tourist destinations. Their rally programme includes a selection of activities, including social gatherings, tourist activities and communal BBQs. Other benefits include the ability to tour the Bailey factory to see where your vehicle was made.

Number of Members: 600
Cost: £20 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.baileyownersclub.org

Bailey Owners Club Website Screenshot

Bessacarr Owners Club

The Bessacarr Owners Club, established in 1964, organise rallies and events around the UK as well as holidays in Europe. This club describes these gatherings as relaxed and informal allowing members to explore the local area and engage in other activities. Most rallies are held on campsites with good facilities with a choice of hard standing or grass, and optional electric hook-ups. The Bessacarr Owners Club also have access to owners handbooks and technical manuals for most Bessacarr caravans and motorhomes.

Number of Members: 100
Cost: £15 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.bessacarr-owners-club.org

Bessacarr Owners Club Website Screenshot

Bongo Fury

The Bongo Fury owners club is open to Mazda Bongo Friendee and Ford Freda owners. Joining this owners club entitles provides members with access to a parts database, factsheets and top tips from experienced owners. Members also receive regular email updates and a quarterly newsletter with news of up incoming rallies and discounts from suppliers and insurance providers.

Cost: £16.50 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.igmaynard.co.uk

Buccaneer Owners Club

Established in 1970, the Buccaneer Owners Club has members in every part of the country. Membership of the club provides access to rallies within the UK and Europe, as well as non-residential social functions. This club is open to owners of Buccaneer caravans and motorhomes, either manufactured at the original factory in Full Sutton or by the Explorer Group.

Number of Members: 4300
Cost: £15 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2189160457964144/

Burstner UK Owners Club

The Burstner UK Owners Club was founded in 2004 by a group of like-minded Burstner motorhome owners. Since then, the club has grown in size organising monthly rallies at different locations around the country. Most of this clubs rallies last for five days and take place at caravan and camping parks in popular caravanning tourist destinations. The Burstner UK Owners Club has partnered with various suppliers and camp sites to offer exclusive discounts on products and services.

Number of Members: 500
Cost: £20 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.burstnerclub.co.uk

Burstner UK Owners Club Website Screenshot

Compass Caravan Owners Club

The Compass Caravan Owners Club is a Facebook group is open to anyone with a Compass motorhome. This club is free to join and provides its members with the opportunity to share ideas  and sell Compass parts and vans.

Number of Members: 4000
Cost: Free
How to Join: Join the public Facebook group
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1427929590582184

Dethleffs Owners Club UK

Established in 2005, the Dethleffs Owners Club is an informal club ran by members for members on a not-for-profile basis. Members of this club get access to free help and assistance on anything related to Dethleff motorhomes including parts, warranty and insurance. With regular rallies at different locations around the country, members of the Dethleffs Owners Club meet for social events and to explore different tourist destinations.

Number of Members: 750
Cost: £15 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.dethleffsowners.co.uk

Dethleffs Owners Club UK Website Screenshot

Elddis Owners Club

The Elddis Owners Club was formed in 1973 when over 70 Elddis caravan owners met in Newcastle upon Tyne. This was arranged by the management of Elddis Caravans in call for the existence of an owners club. Membership is open to owners for any Elddis, Compass, Buccaneer or Xplore caravan, campervan or motorhome. They publish three newsletters per year containing upincoming rallies and other items of interest, and regularly meet to socialise with like-minded individuals.

Number of Members: 400
Cost: £17 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.elddisowners.co.uk

Elddis Owners Club Website Screenshot

Eriba Owners Club of Great Britain

The Eriba Owners Club of Great Britian was founded in 1986 and unfortunately closed at the end of 2023. This club was a central point for Eriba owners to meet and share stories and advice with other owners. The closest replacement to this club is an active ‘Eriba & Hymer’ Facebook group as well as a UK Eriba Forum.

Number of Members: 250
Cost: £8 per year
Website: www.eribaownersclub.co.uk

Eriba Owners Club Website Screenshot

Gobur Owners Club

Founded in 1998, the Gobur Owners Club us a group of like-minded people who own Gobur and Carousel caravans. They hold rallies at various points around the year, spread over most areas of the country. The Gobur Owners Club usually meets at commercial sites, where they can obtain access to electricity and hot water. Their rallies are informal meetings, with the opportunity of group activities or individual outings.

Cost: £5 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.goburownersclub.org.uk

Hymer Club International

Hymer Club International was established in 1990 by a group of Hymer enthusiasts who wanted to hold rallies with other Hyper owners. This club is open to any current owner with a Hymer motorhome. They hold rallies throughout the year, across the UK and Europe, at popular destinations close to local towns and tourist attractions. Hymer Club International also publishes a regular newsletter that keeps the group informed of upcoming news and technical help and support.

Number of Members: 300
Cost: £15 per year (plus a one-off £5 joining fee for new members)
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.hymerclubinternational.co.uk

Hymer Club International Website Screenshot

Lunar Owners Club

The Lunar Owners Club started in 1979 where they began holding a small number of rallies at different locations in the UK. Since then, the club has grown in size holding regularly rallies to anyone who owns a Lunar, Alaria, Venus or Chateau caravan or motorhome. They team together to get discounted rates from suppliers, services and caravanning venues, reducing the cost of regular maintenance and holidays.

Number of Members: 120
Cost: £15 per year (plus a one-off £5 joining fee for new members)
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.lunarownersclub.net

Lunar Owners Club Website Screenshot

Pilote Owners Association

The Pilote Owners Association was founded in 1987 and holds informal and friendly meets to provide like-minded owners the opportunity to speak with similar individuals and seek advice and technical support. They rally at regular intervals around different sites within the UK and Europe in groups between 100 and 200 members. Members of this club get access to exclusive discounts and trade shows and can visit the factory where there van was manufactured.

Number of Members: 140
Cost: £18 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.piloteowners.co.uk

Pilote Owners Association Website Screenshot

Rapido & Silver Owners Club

The Rapido Caravan Club, founded in 1983, was evolved to welcome owners of Rapido, Silver, Fleurette, Rubis, Eriba and Esterel caravans. Membership within this club provides you access to organised rallies throughout the country, an annual meetup in October and the opportunity to speak with similar owners where you can share knowledge of your van. Rallies are friendly, fun and a great place to speak to similar individuals.

Number of Members: 45
Cost: £24 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.rapidoandsilverownersclub.co.uk

Rapido & Silver Owners Club Website Screenshot

Swift Motorhome Owners Club

The Swift Motorhome Owners Club is one of two clubs available to Swift motorhome owners. They are a group of like-minded individuals who meet throughout the year at various rallies at national motorhome shows and other UK and European campsites. With members from all walks of life and parts of the country, the common interest in Swift motorhomes enables their members to share interesting tips and guidance on their vans.

Number of Members: 400
Cost: £20 per year (plus a one-off £5 joining fee for new members)
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.swiftmotorhomesownersclub.co.uk

Swift Motorhome Owners Club

Swift Owners Club

The Swift Owners Club was founded in 1971 when over 40 owners responded to an advert in the Practical Caravan magazine seeking support for the creation of an owners’ club. Since then, they have appointed a committee that represents each of the 9 geographical areas of the UK. Joining the Swift Owners Club enables members to a range of benefits, including access to almost 50 rallies within the UK and Europe, as well as exclusive discounts and offers provided by suppliers and popular campsites.

Cost: £18 per year
How to Join: Complete the online form
Website: www.swift-owners-club.com

Swift Owners Club Website Screenshot

Replacement Caravan & Motorhome Seals

No matter who your caravan or motorhome was manufactured by, Seals Direct can help with the supply of replacement seals and trims for every part of your van. Although a lot of caravan and motorhome seals have been discontinued by the original manufacturer, our large range of genuine and similar parts enables you to find a like-for-like replacement.

Replacing these seals when they begin to deteriorate is essential for ensuring every part of your van remains watertight, draught-free and comfortable. Proactive replacement will help save money in the long term, identifying issues before they damage other parts of your vehicle.

You can speak to the expert team at Seals Direct via phone on 01425 617722 or via email at sales@sealsplusdirect.co.uk with help identifying a replacement item. It is often necessary to provide us with a photograph of the end profile of your existing seal along with several dimensions.

* membership prices as of January 2024 and are subject to change.

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