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Aerospace Seals & Trims

Seals Direct support the aerospace industry with rubber seals, trims and extrusions for light aircraft and support equipment. We regularly work with OEMs and refurbishment companies looking for sealing solutions for group support vehicles and equipment, such as tugs, passenger steps and jet bridges. These vehicles often use seals and trims such as Claytonrite window rubbers and edge trims for their windows, doors and lockers.

Seals Direct also supply sealing solutions for light aircraft, such as Peper, Lancair, Cirrus and Cessna. Due to the high pressures and temperatures, these seals compress and degrade over time so need to be replaced with high quality alternatives. Our standard sections are available in small and large quantities depending on the requirements of your project. All of our stocked products are available for next working day delivery from our Hampshire based warehouse.d

Common Aerospace Seals & Trims

Sponge Profiles

Vehicle doors are fitted with a rubber seal to stop water ingress. These seals are usually either clip on edge trims with side seals or stick on sponge sections. We stock an extensive range of shapes and sizes suitable for most older vehicles.

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Rubber Extrusions

Our range of rubber extrusions include U channels and P seals which are often used on doors and canopies to create a watertight sealing solution.

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Our fenders are used as bump strips on aircraft steps and bridges to protect vehicles and aircraft from hard knocks and impact. These fenders are manufactured from either rubber or PVC depending on whether you require a non-marking solution.

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Window Seals

Ground support vehicles such as tugs often have fixed windows which use a Claytonrite window seal with filler strip. We stock one of the largest ranges of window rubbers to fit most window and panel thicknesses.  

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Custom Extrusions and Gaskets

If your sealing requirements cannot be met by one of our standard sections, please contact us to discuss manufacturing a custom extrusion.  


Seals Direct support the safety first approach within the aerospace industry but ensuring all of our seals, trims and gaskets are manufactured using high quality rubber compounds. This is to ensure that they not only provide a long lasting sealing solution but also support the safety of those relying on the equipment. The majority of the seals used within the aerospace industry are manufactured using EPDM. This material is available in either sponge or solid and offers good UV stability and resistance to weathering, a critical requirement for aircraft and equipment open to the weather elements for majority of the day.

Custom Aerospace Seals & Trims

We offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service if your requirements cannot be met by one of our standard products. Our 3D CAD facilities allow us to work with you to identify the best sealing solution for your aircraft or support vehicle. In instances where the existing seal is still present, we are able to reverse engineer the profile and extrude an exact replica. This is available in a variety of materials, colours and hardnesses with a minimum production run from as little as 30 metres.

Seals Direct are also a leading supplier of bespoke mouldings and gaskets. We use both sponge and solid materials to stamp gaskets. These are manufactured from your drawing and available as one offs or large production runs. Our rubber mouldings are manufactured using either compression or injection moulding in a variety of materials and hardnesses.