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Glazing Flipper Gasket Seal - To Fit 3mm Wide Slot (WS5357)

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Glazing Flipper Gasket Seal - To Fit 3mm Wide Slot

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£ 3.60

Per Metre (ex VAT)

Available by the metre. Volume discount available (see description).

To Fit 3mm Slot Anti-Stretch Cord Coil Length: 300m
WS5357 Drawing

Volume Discount
10% off 10+ metres
20% off 20+ metres
30% off 30+ metres
40% off 300 metres

Over time the seals around your windows deteriorate, shrink and crack becoming less effective at keeping drafts and water out your home. This flipper gasket is manufactured with a base that securely fits in a 3mm slot and has a flexible flipper that compresses when the window or door is closed. It should hold itself in position without the need for additional adhesive. This product can be used in either aluminium glazing or uPVC glazing systems. 

Installing a flipper gasket is a relatively simple process that involves pushing the foot into the groove in the frame. 

To identify the best replacement product, you will need to carefully measure the shape of your existing section. If you would like help identifying your glazing gasket, please send us a photograph of the end profile of the seal for identification. You can also look at our other Flipper Gaskets for other sizes.