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Sponge P Weatherstrip Seal For Draught Proofing - 9.7mm x 6.3mm (WS1706)

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Sponge P Weatherstrip Seal For Draught Proofing - 9.7mm x 6.3mm

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Available by the metre. 10% discount on 100+ meters

Self-Adhesive Width: 9.7mm Thickness: 6.3mm Coil Length: 100m
WS1706 Drawing

This sponge P weatherstrip seal is 9.7mm by 6.3mm and supplied by the linear metre. It can be used as a secondary glazing seal to draught-proof and seal your windows or doors. The hollow shape allows for the seal to compress providing a good long-term sealing solution that helps reduce draughts and maintains the energy efficiency of your home.

This product comes with a self-adhesive backing that allows the section to be easily applied to most clean flat surfaces such as plastic, wood and metal. This allows the section to be stuck to uPVC, wooden and aluminium window frames by peeling off the backing paper and sticking in place. The scrim backing is water resistant but is not recommended for environments which have constant immersion to water.

We manufacture this product from a high-quality EPDM which is a compressible sponge rubber material. When compressed to approximately 30%, this section will create a good long-term watertight seal without risk of compression set.

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