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Self-Adhesive Hi-Tack Scrim Tape - 12mm x 10m (SAT3166)

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Self-Adhesive Hi-Tack Scrim Tape - 12mm x 10m

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SAT3166 Drawing

This clear adhesive scrim tape is 12mm wide by 0.06mm thick and supplied in a 10 metre roll. It is a hi-tack solvent acrylic scrim tape comprised of an open mesh which adds dimensionable stability to the product whilst retaining a high level of conformability. It can be easily applied to most clean flat surfaces such as plastic, wood and metal by peeling off the backing paper and sticking in place.

It can be used for sponge foam and rubber lamination to bond multiple seals to create the desired thickness.

Before using this product, we recommend that all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dust and grease. Peel off the release liner and stick in place. This product is water resistant but not recommended for environments which have constant immersion to water. Please use a waterproof adhesive such as A262 or S136 for applications which will have contact immersion in water.

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