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White Seamseal CV Non-Setting Butyl Bedding Mastic (380ml) (S3285)

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White Seamseal CV Non-Setting Butyl Bedding Mastic (380ml)

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S3285 Drawing

Our white seamseal CV butyl non-setting bedding mastic is supplied in a 380ml cartridge. It is a white non-setting mastic which has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, glass and metal. It is flexible and highly conformable so can be easily applied around irregular shapes, corners and curved edges.

Non-setting bedding mastic is commonly used within the caravan and motorhome industry for bedding rooflights, awning rails, air vents and other external attachments. As this product contains white spirit, it may cause rubber seals to degrade. We recommend using either our Black Soudal Butyrub or White Soudal Butyrub when you require an adhesive that will come into contact with rubber.

Before using this product, we recommend that all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dust and grease. Cut the tip to the required width with a 45 degree angle and insert the cartridge into a caulking sealant gun. Ensure that the sealant makes full contact with both sides of the joint when applying. The sealant will stay a tacky similar to the texture and hardness of blu-tack.

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