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Plastic Wing Piping - 5mm Diameter Bulb x 24mm Tail x 1.5mm Wall Thickness ( PWP4075 )

Plastic Wing Piping - 5mm Diameter Bulb x 24mm Tail x 1.5mm Wall Thickness

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£ 2.35

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Available by the metre. 10% discount on 50+ metres

Diameter: 5mm Tail Length: 24mm Thickness: 1.5mm Coil Length: 50m
PWP4075 Drawing

This plastic wing piping is used between the wing and body on various older cars and clasic vehicles to create a neat sealed joint. It consists of a 5mm diameter hollow bead and 24mm long black plastic piping tail. This type of seal is often used in door, window and other sealing applications in the automotive, caravan, rail and marine industries.

Although the primary use of this seal is within the automotive industry, the unique tadpole shape makes this section idea for any DIY or industrial projects requiring a small bulb with long flexible tail.

Our plastic wing piping is manufactured from a high quality PVC which is a compound suitable for a wide range of everyday and industrial applications. This material has a good resistance to most substances including most chemicals, oil, fuel, UV, air and ozone. This product is around the same hardness (67° Shore A) as the rubber on a car tyre but due to the thin 1.5mm thick tail, is flexible and can be bent to suit the desired application. PVC has an operating temperature range between -20°C to +60°C.


Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
Material Data Sheet
Material Data Sheet

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