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Rigid PVC Fixing Strip - 50mm x 6mm (PFDS578)

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Rigid PVC Fixing Strip - 50mm x 6mm

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£ 58.50

Per 4m Coil (ex VAT)
Thickness: 6mm Width: 50mm Coil Length: 4m
PFDS578 Drawing

This PVC fixing strip is 50mm wide by 6mm thick and supplied in a 3 metre coil. This product is commonly used with our D and B fenders to securely hold the section onto the boat or surface preventing the fixings from pulling through the body when placed under pressure. This fixing strip will need to be feed through the centre of the fender and secured in place with self-tapping screws or bolts. You can then use either solid neoprene cord or PVC cord for plugging the bolt holes in the top of the fender.

Our 50mm wide fixing strip can be used with PFD576 and PFD577 or any other fender that allows a 50mm strip to be fed through its centre.

We manufacture this product from high quality rigid PVC which is a compound commonly used within marine and industrial environments. This product is around the same hardness (67° Shore A) as the rubber on a car tyre and has an operating temperature range between -20°C to +60°C.

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