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Marine Diesel Exhaust Hose - 152mm ID x 166mm OD (MDE611)

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Marine Diesel Exhaust Hose - 152mm ID x 166mm OD

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£ 188.85

Per Metre (ex VAT)
Bend Radius: 456mm ID: 152mm OD: 166mm
MDE611 Drawing

This marine diesel exhaust hose has a 152mm internal diameter, 166mm external diameter and 456mm minimum bend radius. It is sold by the linear metre. Our marine diesel hose is manufactured from high quality materials giving it superiority in its application within engine compartments of fishing boats, workboats, pleasure craft and other marine vessels up to 24 metres long.

This hose has a very tight bend radius (456mm) allowing compact installations where you are limited for space.

Our wet exhaust hose has Lloyds (99/00027 E1 APP) and RINA (DIP/4855/03/CS/E/1) certification and approval.


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