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Rubber Floor Mat - 17mm x 1.828m x 1.22m (M243)

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Rubber Floor Mat - 17mm x 1.828m x 1.22m

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Each (ex VAT)
Thickness: 17mm Width: 1.828m Length: 1.22m
M243 Drawing

This rubber floor mat is 1.828m by 1.22m and 17mm thick. It has an anti-slip cobblestone top surface and wide ribbed groove pattern on the underside to facilitate drainage. This product is suitable for heavy industrial areas, horse stables, dog kennels and runs and weight lifting areas in gyms. Our rubber mats allow for DIY installation and can be cut to the required shape with a straight edge and sharp knife.

This stable mat is commonly used within the equine industry in horse stables. It has been developed for over 20 years to deliver excellent non-slip properties as well as allowing easy cleaning. As a horse will apply an incredibly large amount of force on the flooring, the weight of each mat needs to be high to stop it slipping as the horse moves around the stable. Our mats weighs approximately 45KG so will help minimise movement under the horse.

These mats offer great insulation to the floor and protection to your horse. Our customers advise that they are able to use approximately 70-80% less traditional bedding.


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