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Clear Unreinforced PVC Hose - 6mm ID x 9mm OD (H110)

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Clear Unreinforced PVC Hose - 6mm ID x 9mm OD

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£ 2.00

Per Metre (ex VAT)

Available by the metre. 10% discount on 30+ meters

Clear ID: 6mm OD: 9mm Coil Length: 30m
H110 Drawing

This clear PVC hose has a 6mm internal diameter and 9mm external diameter and is sold by the linear metre. It is a lightweight, soft, flexible PVC hose which is resistant to most weather conditions and temperature ranges (-5°C to +60°C).

PVC hose is manufactured from food safe materials so can be used on drinking water systems. It can also be used in the delivery of cooling liquids, chemical solutions, and compressed air.

This product is also suitable to be used to form a protective covering over ropes and wires etc. It can withstand pressures up to 200psi so can be used as an airline hose.


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