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Self Grip Top Seal With 11mm Diameter Bulb - To Fit 1mm to 4mm Thick Panel (ETS3730)

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Self Grip Top Seal With 11mm Diameter Bulb - To Fit 1mm to 4mm Thick Panel

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£ 368.00

Per 25m Coil (ex VAT)
Panel: 1mm to 4mm Diameter: 11mm Coil Length: 25m
ETS3730 Drawing

This FDA approved Silicone edge trim is designed to fit onto a 1mm to 4mm thick panel edge and has a 9.4mm diameter sealing bulb. Silicone has an operating temperature range between -50°C to +200°C so this product is ideal for environments that experience very low or very high temperatures. This seal is made from FDA approved Silicone so suitable for food and drug environments.

It is manufactured with a self-gripping stainless steel metal spine so will hold itself in place without the need for additional adhesive. This creates a secure section able to hold its shape and withstand impact but can be removed and reused multiple times if required. It can be fitted onto an edge by tapping it on with your hand or a soft faced hammer.

We manufacture this product from high quality Silicone which is a firm but flexible material suitable for a wide range of everyday and industrial applications. This material has an excellent resistance to water but is not recommended in environments which may come into contact with oil or fuel. It is around the same hardness (55°- 65° Shore A) as the rubber on a car tyre.

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