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Caravan & Motorhome Window Rubber Cover Strip Fitting Tool (CST5015)

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Caravan & Motorhome Window Rubber Cover Strip Fitting Tool

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CST5015 Drawing

Our cover strip fitting tool is designed to help fit the cover strip in caravan and motorhome double glazed opening window rubbers. This tool enables you to insert the cover strip easily and quickly without risk of damaging the seal or yourself.

To use this tool insert the front edge under the cover strip securing lips on the window rubber. Insert the cover strip through the centre of the tool and push the end back into the rubber under the lips. Gently move the tool forward to lay the cover strip in the rubber. Continue all the way around the seal keeping pressure against the window rubber to ensure that the tool does not slip out of the channel. Please click here for a demonstration showing how to use our cover strip fitting tools.

This tool can be used with both 23mm and 25mm wide cover strips. You will need to use a lubricant, such as diluted washing up liquid or silicone spray, to allow the tool to smoothly slide without drag in the channel in the window rubber.


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