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L Shaped Rubber Seals

L shaped rubber seals are manufactured with a horizontal arm and vertical leg that resembles the letter ‘L’. They are often used to cover edges and corners but can be used for any purpose where you need to a level of edge protection. This includes covering concrete pillars in car parks, protecting sharp edges and adding a visually aesthetic finish to most materials.

Although L sections are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, it is possible to extend or thicken the width and height using solid neoprene strip and a good quality contact adhesive. As these products are manufactured from rubber materials, it is also possible to trim the legs using a sharp knife and metal ruler.

We manufacture most of our L shaped seals from EPDM, which is a material that exhibits good resistance to water and the effects of weathering. This makes these products suitable for outdoor environments that may be prone to extreme weather and temperature conditions.

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L Shaped Rubber Seal - 18.7mm x 20mm x 3mm Wall Thickness (2.5m Length)

Width: 18.7mm
Height: 20mm
Thickness: 3mm
Length: 2.5m
£ 20.95 £ 20.95 20.95 GBP
Per 2.5m Length


L Shaped Rubber Seal - 38mm x 38mm x 6.3mm Wall Thickness (3m Length)

Width: 38mm
Height: 38mm
Thickness: 6.3mm
Length: 3m
£ 59.15 £ 59.15 59.15 GBP
Per 3m Length


L Shaped Rubber Seal - 17.5mm x 9mm x 1.5-1.8mm Wall Thickness

Width: 17.5mm
Height: 8mm
Thickness: 1.8mm
Coil Length: 30m
£ 11.30 £ 11.30 11.3 GBP
Per Metre