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Plastic Reinforced Self-Grip Trims & Seals

Plastic reinforced self-gripping trims are commonly used to seal hatches and other enclosures. They are often used within the marine industry due to their non-conductive and non-rusting characteristics. This allows you to install a reliable watertight seal that can come into contact with salt water. Manufactured with a plastic reinforced spine, these sections hold themselves onto the edge of the hatch without the need for additional adhesive, screws or other fixings. Unlike metal-reinforced trims, they are also lighter and more flexible.

These products can be purchased with or without a side sealing bulb. We recommend that the sponge sealing bulb is compressed by approximately 30% to create a long-term watertight seal that does not suffer from the effects of compression set. It is also essential to choose a product that tightly fits onto the edge of the panel. 

All Self-Grip Seals


Self Grip Plastic Reinforced Edge Trim - To Fit 1mm to 4mm Panel Thickness

Panel: 1mm to 4mm
Coil Length: 50m
£ 3.80 £ 3.80 3.8000000000000003 GBP
Per Metre


Self Grip Plastic Reinforced Side Seal, 15mm Diameter Bulb, To Fit 1.5-4mm Panel

Panel: 1.5-4mm
Diameter: 15mm
Coil Length: 50m
£ 441.00 £ 441.00 441.0 GBP
Per 50m Coil