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Crittall Window Seals

Crittall window seals are designed to be used on Crittall windows and frames. The seals in these metal windows deteriorate, perish and become less effective so need to be replaced. Replacing your seals is essential for preventing damage, saving you money and keeping you warm and comfortable.

These seals are manufactured from EPDM so are UV stable and have a long lifespan.

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Glazing Gasket Crittall Window Flipper Seal

Width: 11.5mm
Height: 5mm
Keyway 5mm x 1mm
Coil Length: 100m
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Per Metre


Expanded Neoprene Sponge Cord (Skinned) - 4mm Diameter

Expanded Neoprene
Diameter: 4mm
Colour: Black
Coil Length: 1000m
£ 0.95 £ 0.95 0.9500000000000001 GBP
Per Metre

Frequently Asked Questions

Changing the seal in a Crittall window is relatively straightforward.

Remove the Old Seal: Carefully remove the old seal from the window frame. Depending on how it is fixed, this may require gently prying it off with a suitable tool.

Clean the Area: Once the old seal is removed, clean the groove or area where the seal was situated. Remove any debris, dust or remnants of the old seal to ensure a smooth surface for the new seal.

Measure and Cut the New Seal: Measure the length of the area where the seal will be placed. Cut your new seal to this length, ensuring a precise fit. It is better to cut it slightly longer as any excess can be trimmed once the seal has been fitted.

Fit the New Seal: Carefully fit the new seal into the groove or frame where the old one was. This will involve gently pressing it into place.

Test the Window: Once the new seal has been fitted, close and open the window a few times to ensure the seal is functioning correctly.