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MG Outer Waist (1m Length) (ATMG1966)

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MG Outer Waist (1m Length)

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£ 11.50

Per 1m Length (ex VAT)
Width: 11.8mm Height: 21mm Length: 1m
ATMG1966 Drawing

This flocked rubber section is 11.8mm by 11mm and supplied as a 1 metre length. It is designed to be used as an outer waist strip on the moving side windows in various classic cars, including MGB and Midget. Although the primary use of this seal is within the Morris Minor automotive industry, the unique profile shape makes this section ideal for other classic or modern vehicles and bespoke industrial applications.

This seal is designed to push into a channel. It should hold itself without the need to additional adhesive but can be securely bonded into the channel using a good quality adhesive such as S136 (available from our website). The window pushes up against the flocked surface to allow the window to easily slide without friction or rubbing. 

We manufacture this product from high quality PVC which is a compound suitable for a wide range of everyday and industrial applications. This material has a good resistance to most substances including most chemicals, oil, fuel, UV, air and ozone.

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