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Expanded Neoprene Self Adhesive Sponge Strip - 50mm x 3mm x 6m (AEN889)

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Expanded Neoprene Self Adhesive Sponge Strip - 50mm x 3mm x 6m

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£ 18.80

Per 6m Roll (ex VAT)
Width: 50mm Adhesive Backed Roll Length: 6m
AEN889 Drawing

This expanded neoprene self adhesive sponge strip is 50mm wide by 3mm thick and supplied in a 6 metre roll. This sticky backed closed cell sponge material does not absorb water so is suitable for making a watertight seal on boat hatches, lockers, car boots, enclosures, and cabinets.

We manufacture this product from high quality Expanded Neoprene which is a non-marking compressible material suitable for a wide range of every day and industrial applications. When compressed to approximately 30%, Expanded Neoprene will create a good long-term watertight seal without risk of compression set. This material has a good modular resistance to most substances including UV, air and ozone. Expanded Neoprene has a density of 130Kg/m3 and an operating temperature range between -40°C to +100°C.

This product comes with an adhesive scrim backing which can be easily applied to most clean flat surfaces such as plastic, wood and metal by peeling off the backing paper and sticking in place. The scrim backing is water resistant, but not recommended for environments which have constant immersion to water.


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