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Seals & Trims For Retail Applications

Seals Direct specialise in the supply and manufacture of standard and bespoke rubber seals, trims and gaskets for use in convenience stores, supermarkets and hospitality within the retail industry sector. Our clients regularly use our seals and trims for projects such as safety edge protection in customer facing areas and sealing shelving units or cabinets to stop dust, dirt and crumps dropping between shelves. We also supply a large range of fenders and bump strips for warehouses, shop floors and docking bays and car parks where you require a level of impact protection from knocks and bumps.

Our experience in this sector has helped both refurbishment companies and original equipment manufacturers in identifying sealing solutions for their projects and products. Our extensive range of standard sponge seals, trims and fenders are available from our Hampshire based warehouse on next working day couriers. We also have the facilities to manufacture solid and sponge rubber seals in a variety of materials if your requirements cannot be met by an off-the-shelf product.

Common Seals & Trims For Retail Applications

Safety Edging

Our edge trims are designed to fit most panel thicknesses and are used to protect sharp edges on shelves, cabinets and magazine stands. These are often used in customer facing areas to minimise injury.

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Fenders and bump strips are commonly used in warehouses and docking bays to provide a level of impact protection. They are also used on fixtures and refrigerated cabinets to protect high value appliances from customers’ trolleys.

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Sponge Seals

Sponge seals are often used on shelves and side panels to contain unwanted items such as dirt, dust and crumps dropping between the different shelves. They are also used on items such as drink dispensers to stop liquid entering the electrical components.

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Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives and sealants are used within the retail industry to bond surfaces, secure sections and create watertight seals. We offer an extensive range of sealants designed for different rubber materials.

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Custom Extrusions and Gaskets

If your requirements cannot be met by one of our standard products, we are able to manufacture bespoke sections and gaskets from a sample or technical drawing. Please contact us with your requirements.  


All of our products are extruded and manufactured from high quality rubber compounds to ensure they provide a long term and hard wearing sealing solution. We are able to manufacturer seals, trims and gaskets in EPDM, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Nitrile, PVC, Silicone and Viton but are able to assist with other material specifications. We have the facilities to manufactures profiles in most of these materials in either sponge or solid in a range of harnesses and densities. The majority of our compounds are available in general purpose commercial grades or materials manufactured to British Standards.

Our extensive range of materials allows you to choose what will be most suitable to your application. This allows you to select a material which allows for any external factors such as cleaning chemicals and temperature. For example, we recommend using Silicone for environments which will come into contact with food or may be subject to high temperatures.

Bespoke Retail Seals & Trims

We offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service if your sealing requirements cannot be met by one of our standard products. Our 3D CAD facilities allow us to work directly with Design Engineers to identify the best sealing solution for your project. We are able to reverse engineer your existing seal and extrude an exact replica in a variety of materials, colours and hardnesses. Minimum production runs are as low as 30 metres depending on the required material and construction.

Seals Direct are also a leading supplier of bespoke mouldings and gaskets. Depending on the seal and application our rubber mouldings are manufactured using either compression or injection moulding in a variety of materials and hardnesses. We are able to stamp bespoke gaskets from both sponge and solid materials from one off to large production runs.